Robotics in Today’s Digital World

Robotics in Today’s Digital World


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Robotics in Today’s Digital World


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to robotic manipulators and systems. Various related topics of importance are also introduced and discussed in relation to the robotic system. It covers what robots can and cannot do today and reviews the current challenges that scientists and technologists are addressing. It will provide a preview of the future in which robotic systems play a central role in our everyday lives.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Gain an understanding of what a robotic system is, its different components and how they interact with each  other. 
  • Understand the different terminologies & terms and how they fit in the bigger picture of an intelligent system.
  • Gain insight on what robots and robotic system can and cannot do today, the challenges faced and what  opportunities lies ahead.
  • Better decide how best to use a robotic system and learn about their applicability.


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Singapore Citizens aged 39 & below

Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above

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